Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Pergamano Picture

This is The Virgin Mary I am working on. I sure hope she turns out. Takes up alot of my time these days! I invite comments as I go along here, and I'll post a new pic as I go!


adrina said...

I have been doing pergamano for the past couple of years and i am currently doing the same picture for a friend. Yes the virgin mary is a pretty one.

Are you wanting to do the picture in black and white with embossing and pricking or do you want to colour it? If so how? colour pencils, crayon etc.

Do you any experience in pergamano?

Do you have you instruction on it.

Well so many question?

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Gee, This looks like an interesting craft to do. Mayby I will half to look into it.
I found your blog through Thunderbird's blog.
I chat to her all the time. Jean

Moosie said...

I have been learning pergamano on my own as there aren't many people here who do it that I know of. I follow the picture! Thanks for the comments ladies.