Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring is now upon us !

Well, looks like I made it through another crappy winter. We are finally starting to see some ground around all the mounds of snow! It still has alot of melting to do. Friday and Saturday it's supposed to SNOW some more.....aaaaargh! I keep saying these snow piles won't melt until July..... I haven't been up to anything very exciting lately. That's a sign it's time to go back to work.... I will, but not until June. You see, I am flying May 24th to Fredericton, New Brunswick to visit the kids and see our grandson AND new baby granddaughter. We have not been there before so this is going to be exciting. We are also going to trek over to Nova Scotia. Hopefully I will get some fantastic pictures to show my sister when we get home. A whole 2 weeks of visiting and touring.....yippeeeeee.
I will be adding a picture of the afghan I have been working away at. I call it the Rainbowghan. Tons of color and it's cheery. It will be going to a new home soon. I have been making it for my friend Susan in Michigan. It was to be last years Xmas gift, but I started getting pain in my hands, hips and back and couldn't finish it. I found out I have Osteoarthritis. I have since started taking Celebrex and oh boy, can I get around now! Almost feel like a new woman. (whens that make over supposed to happen?) So now I have been trying to get all my unfinished projects, finished and ready to send out. So Susan....expect a package real soon!!
Well thats it for this week. Take care everyone. TTYS

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